updated at 10:52am on 04/04/2019

by Anonymous gave The South Lambeth Road Practice a rating of 5 stars

Good care

So far I've had about 10 appointments at this clinic. I've been using their services for more than 4 years now.
They've always been professional, knowledgeable and respectful and I think I've received quality care here. Only on rare occasions has my appointment been delayed and, on the flip side, only rarely has my appointment been rushed, which is fine all things considered.
To the nurses, receptionists and doctors at the clinic: I thank you for being there, thank you for your dedication. I believe in the NHS.

Visited in September 2019, Posted on 24 September 2019

by Lyndall gave The South Lambeth Road Practice a rating of 5 stars

Thank you South Lambeth Practice

I have been a Patient of this Brilliant practice for several years and have always been treated with Respect and kindness. When I moved I decided to stay with this wonderful team of Doctors, Nurses and Staff. They are always willing and helpful and thorough at their work.
Thank you very much

Visited in March 2019, Posted on 07 March 2019