The NHS App allows you to view your medical record, request prescriptions and even in some circumstances to book appointments/telephone calls with clinicians.
This will also allow you to have access to a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport once you complete your vaccinations. 

We recommend the NHS App as it is simple and has a broad range of functions. Please download the Patient Access app, once you've signed up on their website

In order to have the South Lambeth Road Practice linked to your NHS App, you will need the following information from us:

  1. A linkage key
  2. Our ODS code
  3. Your user number

We can only provide these details once we have seen ID from you. This can be easily uploaded (below) as a photo or scanned image or you can bring this to the surgery for a member of staff to see. Once you've provided this, we will send you an email with the details needed to link to the practice. If you are already registered with an app, you can use these details to link to us. If you're not yet registered with Patient Access, just sign up online and once you have the linkage, ODS and user number from us, you can just add them on to your account.

If we've already provided you with an online account previously but you have forgotten the details, please click the button on the right. Otherwise, please continue below with this form.