Medical Certificates

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Medical certificates for those employed

If you are in employment and require a medical certificate for short term illness, please only request this at the end of your current illness period.  We will then backdate it for the dates you have been absent. If the period of illness is likely to be greater than 4-6 weeks, then you can get in touch and we will prospectively issue a medical certificate.

Medical certificates for those on benefits

If you require a renewal medical certificate for benefits, please ensure you request the certificate after the existing one has expired. We will always backdate it to the dates you require. Please ensure that you are not requesting too early as this may delay your request for a new medical certificate. We are able to back-date certificates to 3 months.

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Patient's Details
Sick note request
Please ensure that for renewals, you are only requesting this after the existing note has expired
please note that the length of the medical certificate is at the discretion of the doctor
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